sexythinluv (sexythinluv) wrote,

happy new year

for some reason i dont feel all too happy i kind of feel depressed for some reason. these people that were my best friends at the beginning of last year but we kind of drifted and i mean i did kind of seperate myself from them but now i'm best friends w. this other girl n i get along great with her and i feel really close to her and now i feel like the other people dont really like me and i never did anything bad to them and the one that at one point i was the closest with, i talked to last night and we had a pretty good convo. and i asked her if she wanted to come over for new years bc i was going to have a few people over but then she said she wasnt sure because a few people asked her to hang out and then today when i asked her if she was coming she said she was having a few people over because she didnt think that i was definitely having it but then she didnt even invite me over? after she was like you can come if you want but why would i want to go after not being invited before i dont know why but it just really hurts. i also definitely gained a ton of weight over vacation and i think i'm gonna attempt a liquid diet for as long as i can but i dont know if it'll actually work

stay strong

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