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i did ok today i ate about 600 cals maybe a lil less my family has noticed that ive lost a lil weight but i still havent lost enough i hate feeling like im the heaviest one in pics with my friends n even tho i might not always be the heaviest in the pic all that i see is the fatness of my body...whenever im walking in school i always think about how everyone there doesnt know a lot of things about me n i dont think theyd ever guess i do some of the things i do..once some of my friends were taking pics and trying to look emo in them and they referred to cutting and were laughing about it, it was so awkward i thought i was gonna cry bc how could they laugh like that about something they know nothing about..this place is so great for venting soo while im at it the group of people i was the most close with are starting to seperate and i feel kind of bored when im with them and i feel really bad that i do but when i hang out with other people i end up having more fun usually and my other friends end up pissing me off a lot lately but were still pretty close but its not the same as it used to be i think we were too close at one point and thats why it fell apart so easily bc its easy to get mad the people youre always with like sibling rivalry but anyways things arent too bad off at the moment tho especially guy wise haha but i hate how guys can hook up with whoever they want and can hook up with as many girls as they want and its like the more they do the more popular they are but with girls you get called a slut for barely doing anything which really pisses me off because thats totally not fair but im dealing with it..ooh and i just got contacts sooo happy shedding more of my uglyness i mean i tryed to wear my glasses the least amount of time i could but i was always like half blind theyre soo hard to get used to tho it takes fucking forever to put them in bc im not used to them yet....dont u love getting compliments? theyre like the best things ever they boost ur self esteem and help u get thru the day as well as letting u know that the effort u put into getting ready was well worth it especially when its a complement from a guy those r the best

well stay strong and think thin n happy whoever reads this if anybody does

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